A special tricycle

DALIS/Mission Life helped Viktorka’s parents to earn the final payment needed for the purchase of a special tricycle that can help train her motor skills.

Viktorka is just 8 years old and already has problems with catching up with her peers. The thing is, her left hand and her legs don’t cooperate. Exercises, rehabilitation and massages are a part of her daily routine. She undergoes them with a great joy though, since she believes, that she can one day run around with her friends.

A special kids’ tricycle, that can help her with the training of her motor skills, can help her achieve that. Her parents, unfortunately, due to the cost of her other treatments, couldn’t financially afford it.

We are very happy, that we could have been helpful. We wish Viktorka a lot of patience, enthusiasm and the achievement of her dream.

She is very happy and she’s thankful to everyone, who’s helped her.


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