Necessary transportation

DALIS / Mission Life cofinanced the purchase of a motor vehicle for little Šimon, who is physically disabled.

Šimonko was born with a rare brain disorder – Lissencephaly, however he is a very perceptive boy. Amongst this, he has also got epilepsy, which made him dependant on individual transport. His parents are trying to improve his health condition by visiting specialists or by attending therapies and rehabilitations. In order to attend all those places, a motor vehicle is necessary for them.

We wish Šimonko and his parents many positive health changes and successful supportive therapies.

“Dear people from DALIS / Mission Life.
Let us express a huge thank you again, for the opportunity to buy a motor vehicle for our beloved son. We wouldn’t be able to afford it even with the contribution from UPSVR. The car is perfect and we believe that it will be helping us for a long time. We are forever grateful for the people who care about a situation of such a family with a child with adverse health condition. We will continue giving our son the best support that we can, in order to improve his health. We will be visiting specialists and therapies and the car will be very useful then.”


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