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Donation is about participation in help.

We help people living in Slovakia,
who truly need our support.

Young people from orphanages

On the threshold of maturity,
they leave from orphanages
to create their own home.
We support them, to succeed
in the workplace more quickly.

Little sport talents

We support children from socially
disadvantaged families in sports.
Every child has the right to develop
talent in sport activities, regardless of
the financial situation in the family.

Families in a material need

Many families have encountered
a complex life situation, not always
caused by their own actions. We help
to cover at least their essential needs
and to bridge the difficult stage.

Seriously ill children and adults

We help children, their parents
and adults with health problems.
We also support those who care
for the seriously ill that are in need
of special assistance.





“I would like to thank you for helping me with my campus payments. I successfully finished my sophomore year even though it was a very difficult one for me. I was chosen to be a part of the orchestra as a sophomore, despite it only being mandatory for juniors and higher grades. We even had a concert in a philharmonic. Besides that, I am also a part of the school jazz band – big band. I played at several concerts with them. Also, I am the only woman in this band. Next semester, I would like to attend a competition in Banská Bystrica. Thank you very much.”


“I would like to express gratitude once again for the financial help you have provided, and I send my best wishes to the members of DALIS / Mission Life”


“We don’t yet know how many rehabilitation sessions are necessary for our son to at least be able to sit, let alone walk. That is why any help, whether it’s from our friends, acquaintances or the public, is of great help to us. We are aware that we are not the only parents with a handicapped child, but we will do anything to ensure that our son, despite his health issues, can fully function and that his condition affects his life as little as possible. Thanks to all of you for your help.”

Dušan’s mom

“DALIS / Mission Life and the donors who financially contributed to my rehabilitation stay in the ‘Svetielko’ Centre in Prešov, thank you very much for all your help and support. I appreciate it very much and extend my gratitude to every one of you. The provided funds for my rehabilitation stay (29.4.2019 – 10.5.2019) were used for covering the costs of my treatment and expenses related to it. They were used economically and effectively. Because of my cerebral palsy, after three years of numerous treatments and surgeries, I decided to try various specialized rehabilitation centers like ‘Liberta’ in Košice and ‘Svetielko’ in Prešov, after which I am starting to see some progress in my ability to walk. All of this was quite expensive and since I am unemployed, my mom has passed away when I was only a few months old and my father is the only member of my family who takes care of me, we weren’t able to pay for the stay without outside help. I am very thankful that I was one of the people you were able to help. I appreciate it very much and I can honestly say that the money you provided me with helped me improve my health and gave me a chance to integrate myself into society. Only thanks to your organization and donors could I take part in a two-week rehabilitation stay in the ‘Svetielko’ Centre in Prešov. I used the funds for various therapies like oxygen therapy, neurostimulation therapy or a special therapy using a suit called ‘Therasuit’. Thanks to you, I see progress in my posture, strengthening my weaker muscles, improved stability while standing, relaxed muscles… In the end, I would like to thank you very much for your financial support which I was able to use towards bettering my health.”


“Thanks to DALIS / Mission Life, our class was given the opportunity to take part in a traditional St. Nicholas event organized by the ‘Klub detskej nádeje’ civic association. We were glad we could help children and their parents in the hospital have some fun in such a simple way. When the children started running and laughing while proudly showing us the pictures they drew, wanting to take a picture with us or chasing the bubbles from a bubble blower, we felt just as happy as they did. It was a touching experience and a lovely reminder that Christmas is about offering happiness and love to others.”

12th grade of ‘Nemecká škola’ in Bratislava

“When we received a spa coupon, we were very joyful. I would like to thank DALIS / Mission Life for everything you are doing for us. Veronika will enjoy the swimming and the stay will help her very much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Veve and her mom.”

Veronika’s mom

“I would like to thank you again for your financial donation to my son Martin and his rehabilitation sessions in Banská Bystrica. He completed them successfully. Thank you.”

Martin’s mom

“We did it! Me and Sheeren were able to win the 27th place from 189 starting horses in Pisa. Sheeren performed perfectly. She even competed with horses that took part in the Junior Europe Championship which took place the day before our race. We are thrilled and I would like to thank you all again. You helped us very much.”


“Hello to my dear friends. We are doing great and I enjoy my job very much. People happily come here to exercise, and I am pleased to see that they leave with satisfaction. Sometimes, they even tell me that their health is improving. Thank you. It is because of your generosity that I can do this job and devote my time to these people.”

Aďka, Surya Studio

“Today, the donation of your organization appeared in my bank account, for which I proudly say, “May God bless you”. The reconstruction of our heating system is advancing according to plan. The first part is behind us. Again, thank you. Yours, Michal.”


“Thank you. The breast pump is very helpful when we take our son to the school in the morning. We can go to the playground with our stroller and also visit our grandma during the weekends. I am very happy that we were able to buy it. Thanks to all of you!”


“Thank you for your long-lasting support of our club. Thanks to your support, our little floorball players won the 2017/2018 Bratislava League and became champions in their category – Junior Prep 2017/2018 for the Bratislava region.”


“I really like the thought of participating in helping others. Currently, I am giving away things previously owned by my children and giving it to families in need. Through the Internet, I support people with cancer to fight. Sometimes I look after some kids of other moms, if we currently aren’t at a rehabilitation stay. I also give away excess produce from my home garden. Because we have two little children (3 and 1.5 years old), one handicapped, and me on maternity leave, there isn’t much more that I can do for others.”


“I would happily like to announce that we received the stroller today. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you nothing but more success in making other people, just like us, happy. I promise that once I have the resources to do so, I will also donate to your cause and spread the word about you. I wish you great health, happiness and lots of other thankful people that you help in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you, Janka sends her best regards. Even though it’s not particularly important right now, I once owned a stroller for handicapped people, but it was too small for Janka. That’s why I donated it to a facility where they take care of such children. I was very happy that I was able to help them as well.”

Janka's mom

“The best wishes to all of you lovely and nice people. I want to express my biggest ‘THANKS’ for your financial support and all your kind words. You made us extremely happy and we are all doing better now. I look forward to the moment when I, too, will be able to help with donating fruits and vegetables to heavily handicapped children in the ‘Alžbetka’ Centre and an orphanage in Lučenec. Naturally, I will do whatever it takes, I just have to have a good harvest. I also help by donating clothes and other items that once belonged to my sons. Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!”


“Allow me to sincerely thank you for your generosity and willingness to help us. Me and my husband appreciate that you provided us with such generous financial aid.”


“Your message filled us with joy. We’re glad that there are people who are willing to help us to get closer to our goal – getting a special medical device for Adrián. Thanks to everyone who decided to support us. I wish you and the people close to you good health and success. I hope that our future circumstances will be more favorable, and we will be able to return the favor.”

Aďko's mom

“I have a job interview tomorrow. If I succeed, I will surely work towards getting my driver’s license as soon as possible. I really appreciate the opportunity you have given me.”


“I would like to warmly thank you and the whole DALIS / Mission Life team for your support during the hard times of my freshmen year. It was a great honor receiving your scholarship, I appreciate it so much. The winter semester was a little more difficult for me since I had to wrap my head around how things worked at university. In spite of that, I really enjoyed my summer semester. I had several disagreements with some wealthier students who constantly felt the need to display the wealth difference between us, but I didn’t give up. There were times when I didn’t even want to return to school but I always overcame that feeling and chased my goal of becoming successful. During this summer semester, I had so many interesting classes, which I not only enjoyed, but excelled at. I also had perfect exam scores. It was a beautiful year and I have no idea if I would have made it without you and your support. Thank you all again!”


“Viktorka was really happy to hear you were able to raise money for her tricycle so soon. To everyone who helped, thank you!”

Viktorka's mom

“Thank you all for helping me with financing my nursing course. I would like to share with you that I successfully finished it today and got my certificate. I appreciate it very much because it is going to be easier for me to find a better job. And I hope that once my situation improves, I will be able to help someone increase their qualification as well.”


“I want to extend my gratitude to your organization for supporting my son in playing hockey. Thanks to your help, two of my five children can spend their time doing their favorite sport, which was unaffordable to us before.”


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless assistance. You helped us very much, I appreciate it. I am grateful for these amazing people who lend a hand to others. THANK YOU.”


“First of all, I want to thank the talent support project in ‘HKL Lamač’ – we are one of the families which has received support and we appreciate it very much. We currently don’t have the resources to financially support others, but I would at least like to donate 2% of my taxes. Thank you.”


“We have already received the breast pump and I would like to thank all the fellows who contributed money for its purchase. It is of great help to us. Again, thank you very much and we wish you a lot of success.”


“I would again like to thank all the good people out there”


“I want to thank all the donors for their generosity. They showed interest in our needs and were willing to help us. We appreciate it very much. Your organization is of great help to many people.”


“I would like to inform you that Andrej successfully finished his drivers’ course today. We are very happy and thankful.”

Jana, social worker

“I am delighted you decided to help with my scholarship during these past few years. Even though I wanted to give up sometimes, I am slowly approaching my graduation. I already finished my written exams and I hope that everything went well. You deserve this acknowledgment as you give hope to children at the bottom of society, just like me. Me and my family are very grateful since, as you know, I come from a ghetto and have no guarantee of future success, but I hope that my children will be better off than I was. One day when I will have finished school, I would also like to help children just like you helped me. I pray for you daily and hope that God will pay you back 100 times. I am happy to have known you. Thanks for your trust and your generous hearts.”


“In the name of our two boys, I would again like to thank you for your support. Today, we have received their licenses for operating forklifts.”

Jana, social worker


Do you need a helping hand and would like to participate in it?


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