Travel costs for the championship

DALIS / Mission Life helped with financing travel costs for kids from the Galaktikos Sport School for the Floorball Championship in Košice.

Our reward was the huge excitement from winning the bronze medal achieved by the small champions. Congratulations for the success and we wish you many further ones!

“Parents of the winners: THANK YOU!!!

Yes, it truly is an incredible feeling of satisfaction when you see that a year-long endeavor of your kids has had a purpose. Of all the younger teams preparing for the Slovak Republic, we ended up third best this year, which is a tremendous success!!! We’re very happy and thankful for your support, DALIS / Mission Life, today, your will and ability to help skilled and talented children is not something to take for granted. The joy in their dressing room and on the bus was indescribable and we, as proud parents, are moved to this day. Our success was also awarded by the principal of the Pri Kríži— Dúbravka Elementary School by a huge praise on the school website. One more time in the name of our young floorball players, thank you very much.”


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